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Knowing vocabulary is not enough to gain the confidence to speak Spanish. Sometimes conjugation is the missing piece of the puzzle. Knowing how to conjugate improves students’ confidence and communication skills.

Your teen can Master Present Tense Conjugation in FIVE Days!

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Are you a professional looking to refresh your Spanish Speaking skills?
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“Spanish Educational Solutions made all the difference for our son. His grade literally went up an entire grade for the first 2 weeks. The online tutoring platform was easy, with the pressure off he even started enjoying Spanish! Thank you so much for helping us through this! ”
The Smith Family

About our company:

The company was created as a result of  Sra. Morato’ s passion to help students learn to speak Spanish.  She is a passionate Spanish instructor and curriculum designer. She holds a Spanish certification Pre-K-12th grades and M.A.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction with Concentration of Online Learning.  She is a former Fairfax County Public Teacher. She taught the IB Spanish (International Baccalaureate) and immersions classes. She has taught hundreds of students to learn Spanish better and to speak it. She encourages students to take their Spanish skills beyond the classroom. 

Our language philosophy:

We believe:

  • No matter the level the student can speak the language.
  • Languages are people. We inspire students to go beyond language skills and learn also the culture.
  • Learning a language requires also mindset work. Confidence to speak is developed not just by good studying habits but also by being exposed to authentic language use.
  • Language strategies and step by step instruction can give students a solid language foundation. Also provides them with tools needed to communicate in Spanish. 

“Sra. Morato was a great teacher and tutor for me. I was often anxious and confuse about the content. She was patient, helpful and explained things really well. I like her technics to help me remember important concepts that I use in my Spanish class on a regular basis.”
Luke (Student)

Homeschool Curriculum Testimonials…

Sra. Morato’s enthusiasm for teaching Spanish is contagious! In her Spanish 1 class, she has created a solid foundation for learning through the well-organized online class and the weekly classes provide a great opportunity to practice with fellow students. We’ve loved this class so much and have heartily recommended it to fellow homeschoolers!”
Mrs. Sandkam –Parent

Señora Morato’s online classes have been wonderful for all three of my children. Two of them have transition perfectly into college Spanish and public high school Spanish. The third will do so next year. This course is perfect for homeschoolers who are serious about Spanish!”
Mrs. Yoho –Parent

I think learning from Sra. Morato is best because you have access to videos she pre-recorded, and if you have any questions, you can ask her during a conversational class or a study hall. She is very patient, and this class has made me consider studying linguistics in college!”
Colin –Spanish Student

Elementary Program Testimonials…

My daughter does the Spanish elementary lessons daily. We are watching cartoons once a week, we play games and have fun! My daughter continues to tell people that Spanish is her favorite Spanish! Thanks to you for the enthusiastic introduction to Spanish.
Sheryl –A Happy Mom

My son is speaking more Spanish after his first 3 video lessons. He is speaking more Spanish that my daughters who have been taking Spanish for the last 3 years.” We love seeing Sra. Morato and her daughter speaking Spanish together!
Anne –A Happy Mom

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Language Curriculum

One of the choices I have to make as the homeschool parent is to decide how my child is going to learn a subject. Many times as parent we become the motivating force behind our child’s learning. Therefore, the curriculum we choose is vital for our child’s learning...

Homeschool,  Language Requirements and Curriculum

Is your child in middle or high school and ready to tackle her or his language credits? As a Spanish certified teacher and homeschool mother I will say the following: The earlier a student starts learning the language the easier will be to acquire the language skills he/she needs to learn it.

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